Several years ago I picked up two resin garden sprite plaques for a few dollars at a local dollar store. I loved the faces, but the bland, rather ugly grey finish left me cold. I considered spraying them black to resemble wrought iron, but I was afraid the facial features- clearly the most charming part- would be lost under a coat of black paint.

      Consequently both plaques sat for a year in a box in the basement. While I was cleaning up my craft area, I found a copper patina kit that I had never used. An aged green copper finish would be the ideal look for those faces, but I wondered if the resin would react properly to finishes in the kit.

      Well, there was only one way to find out. There are a number of copper finish products on the market. The one that I used was two step process with water cleanup. I carefully followed the directions (and precautions) enclosed in the kit and the results were far better than I had anticipated. The project was fast, easy, and practically foolproof. When dry, my plaques looked like weathered vintage copper.

      From the plaques, I moved on to other resin figures such as a family of 3 bunnies and a statue. All worked well and in my garden the figures looked like expensive metal. They have held up well in the weather, although I do bring them inside in fall. No resin items hold up well outdoors during our harsh New England winters.

      I hope you’ll try this idea, as it’s a way to add a charming and natural look to your garden for very little money.

      By Florence Dove Google

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