Beaded Trims

Buy beaded fringe from Dove Originals, so you can transform that plain old shower curtain, breathe new life into your lampshades, and even stitch up a fancy dance costume at a fraction of the price you'd pay to buy one off the rack.

Just remember that because trim with beadwork can be delicate, hand-washing is a must for fabric items that you add bead trim onto such as curtains, tablecloths, and valances.

Beaded trims can be used on an assortment of home décor including tablecloths, curtains, lampshades, shower curtains, as well as on everyday wardrobe wear from dresses to jeans, costumes, bridal gowns, accessory bags, belts, jewelry and more. Beaded fabric trims add just the right touch of glamour to dress up any room or outfit and can be machine or hand stitched or glued on depending on your preference. These beaded trimmings for dresses, curtains, and more are available in several colors including black, white, red, bronze, gold, olive, blue, and other assorted colors.

29 products

29 products