Nearly everyone who purchases yarn knows to select skeins of yarn from the same dye lot to prevent unattractive changes of color in a knitted garment. But dye lots are also important when you purchase trims.

      In the photo above, all of the pompom fringes are Wrights color code 042 lime. You can easily see that the four pompom fringe trims exhibit clear differences in color. Fringe number 1 on the left is a more subdued shade of lime green; fringe number 2 is a bright lime green; fringe number 3 (with the same SKU number as fringe 1) is closer to mint in color. And fringe number 4 is practically a Kelly green.

      Why Does the Same Color Fringe Look Different?

      What accounts for these color differences in trims that are all labeled as lime? One reason is that the dyes used by trim manufacturers can exhibit subtle differences over batches, similar to yarns. Another reason is that manufacturers shift the fiber composition of trims depending upon market prices for commodities such as cotton. A blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester will take dye differently from a blend that is 45% cotton and 55% polyester. With the huge uptick in cotton prices over the last year, manufacturers are increasing the amount of polyester in their products and decreasing the amount of cotton and rayon. And finally, brands such as Wrights can change manufacturers depending upon cost considerations. A new manufacturer may use a different dye formulation from the prior manufacturer.

      So why is this important to you? It’s important if you are attempting to complete a project and run short of the trim you need. If the time between when you purchased the trim and when you used it isn’t too extreme, chances are that an acceptable match will be found to complete your project. But if the time gap is too wide, it may be impossible to match your trim. Why take the chance? Simply purchase an additional yard or two. The time, effort, and gasoline involved in trying to get a match will more than outweigh the cost of a couple of extra yards of trim. And any leftover trim can be used to trim a pillow or other accessory for a unified look.

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