Washable trims include cotton, polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene; dry cleanable trims (be sure to use a reputable dry cleaner) include rayon, acetate, viscose, linen, jute, and chenille. There are overlaps, however, as some rayon can be washed as can linen, acetate, and chenille. But it’s always best to check the label on your particular trim at the time of purchase for cleaning information and to ensure that fabrics and trims are matched in terms of care.

      Some hand washable trims can be machine laundered providing your washing machine has a hand wash setting for the wash cycle, water temperature, and washing speed. Very delicate washable trims including washable sequins and beaded trims should be hand laundered in mild suds and cold water. Air dry.

      Very delicate beaded fringe and tassels should be removed from the fabric prior to cleaning.

      Washable ball and tassel fringes can be revived from the harsh effects of frequent washing and drying by passing a steam iron over the tassels / balls to restore fluffiness.

      Despite the use of high quality dyes, washable dark colors such as black, burgundy/red, dark brown, and navy can bleed. Before applying one of these trims to a light color fabric, cut off a small piece and place in a glass with warm water. Check in a few hours to see if any dye has bled into the water. If it has, wash your trim in lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Air dry, and then apply to your fabric. (Quilters- this is a good way to test fabrics as well, especially reds which sometimes bleed.)

      To control shrinkage on washable trims, don’t use hot water or high dryer heat. Trims marked ‘shrink-controlled’ will shrink a maximum of 3%. Trims (and fabrics) not marked shrink controlled should be washed to pre-shrink prior to sewing. When applying your trim don’t stretch or pull it taut; simply ease it in place while stitching.

      It’s always a good idea to purchase a little more trim than needed for easing, rounding corners, joining, etc.

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