Why I buy, collect, and LOVE trims:

      • Trims have no cholesterol, fat, or calories.
      • Trims are cheaper than a therapist.
      • A meteor could strike the manufacturer, and I couldn’t get any more.
      • It’s my way of supporting the economy during this recession.
      • Trims are more calming than seeing a psychiatrist.
      • Trims require no refrigeration or freezing, so I am helping the environment by cutting back on electricity.
      • Closets full of stored trims act as insulation to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
      • Trims don’t require cooking.
      • Trims don’t need to fed, walked, wiped, read to, or sung to sleep. They also don’t require back rubs.
      • Dust doesn’t collect under them when they are piled on the dining room table.
      • Whoever dies with the most trim, wins.
      • There may never be another sale.
      • Someday I might use it.
      • My cat made me do it.
      • Trims are not illegal, fattening, or immoral.
      • The price is too good to pass up.
      • Counting the zigs and zags in a yard of rickrack is therapeutic.
      • 200 reels of trim in the backseat of my car provide traction in snow.
      • Trims don’t scratch or dent when attacked by small children.
      • Cats can’t use them as scratching posts.

      I hope my list will contribute to some smiles! Cheers, Flo

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