Satin Blanket Binding is the soft, smooth, silky feeling binding perfect for the edge of a blanket, quilt, or throw. Nelow we outline some of our favorite uses for this versatile material. To browse our selection of colorful blanket binding, click here!

      Blanket binding has a number of benefits:

      • Its woven edges won't fray
      • It's completely washable and dryable
      • It's folded to make using it extra easy
      • It's 100% polyester for a beautiful luster

      Uses for Blanket Binding

      But it's more than a binding for a blanket. Blanket binding can be used as a sash on a little girl's dress, as a tie-back for a sheer curtain, as a bow in a girls' hair or on a bouquet of flowers. It can be so much more because it actually is a woven edge ribbon. Blanket binding is 4" wide (unfolded) and is available in various colors.

      Working With Blanket Binding

      Simply iron out the crease and use as you would like - just like any wide ribbon. And being 100% polyester, it can be washed and dried without worry. Blanket Binding has woven edges. You do not need to use a zig zag stitch to apply it. Additionally, when washed and dried it will not fray nor loose it's luster.

      The thickness of blanket may cause binding to pucker. This can be reduced by loosening stitch tension. Blanket binding is folded slightly off center for ease of use. Place the narrow side up when applying.

      How to Apply Satin Blanket Binding

      1. With the narrow side up, fold blanket binding over edge of fabric, pin in place and stitch as close to the woven edge of the blanket binding as possible.

      2. To bind around a corner, start sewing the single fold satin blanket binding to the corner of the fabric as shown. Stop at corner, remove from sewing machine, and clip threads. DO NOT CUT BLANKET BINDING.

      3. In terms of mitered corner blanket binding, fold the blanket binding around the corner so that a neatly mitered pleat is formed on the top and bottom at the corner and pin.

      4. Place fabric under pressure foot at the mitered pleat and begin to sew, making sure to backtack at the mitered pleat.

      Creative Ways To Use Blanket Binding

      Blanket binding isn't just for blankets. Add a band of blanket binding to the lower leg portion of a pair of girl's jeans or cargo pants and trim top and bottom with beads or a length of woven flat band. Or use white blanket binding and hot glue to make envelopes for a wedding (favors, bird seed holders, etc.)

      Bonus Project: Wedding Favor Envelope- Perfect for Bird Seed or Rice
      1. Measure and cut 1 length of blanket binding 11 1/2". Open and press out fold. (Iron should be set on high with steam).
      2. Fold one end of binding up 1/4". Fold again for clean hem. Glue or fuse.
      3. Fold other end of binding in half, right sides together and glue or fuse with a 1/4" seam.
      4. Turn right sides out, creating point. Press.
      5. Fold bottom up 3/4 of length creating pocket.
      6. Glue or fuse side seams of pocket.
      7. Fold down flap - mark coordinating points for closure. Press. Add fasteners of choice. Glue tassel and ribbon roses decoratively over flap.

      Each package of blanket binding contains enough yardage for 14 envelopes. Envelopes are also perfect for candy, potpourri, or other favors.

      (Instructions for applying blanket binding and for the wedding favors envelope project are courtesy of Wrights.)

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