This very Victorian lampshade was easy to make, since it uses an inexpensive shade and base that I purchased at a local discount store. I use this lamp on a tea table surrounded by a Victorian fan, a teapot, delicate bone china cups and saucers, rose jars, etc.

      The roses and leaves were embroidered individually on my Janome MC 10001 using Sulky threads in pink, rose, red, gold, yellow, bronze green, etc. The designs are from a Jenny Haskins Victorian Rose embroidery CD, but any flower and leaf designs would work as well. If you don’t have an embroidery sewing machine, you can substitute purchased appliqués (flowers and leaves) in an appropriate design.

      I used sticky stabilizer and a layer of thin organza in a color that matched the shade for the base on which to embroider the roses and leaves. Since the designs were not stand-alone (i.e., able to hold together without a backing fabric). I chose organza since it's thin and not too obvious beneath the designs. When the rose and leaf designs were stitched out, I carefully cut around each design with sharp scissors, close to the outermost layer of stitching. I then ran a very thin bead of June Taylor Fray Block (which dries with a soft feel) around each design. The butterfly designs are stand-alone lace, so those I simply embroidered on wash away stabilizer and soaked them until the stabilizer dissolved.

      To assemble the shade, I used fabric glue to attach the various elements in a pleasing design. It's not difficult to create a three dimensional effect by bending the flowers and butterflies. A couple of pins will hold the designs in place until the glue dries. The trims at the top and bottom came, of course, from Dove Originals Trims. At the bottom I used fancy black gimp and a wide edging of beaded fringe trim. As a final touch, I used a fine line permanent marker pen to add boughs and curlicues.

      This is an easy project and very decorative. I hope you'll give it a try!

      By Florence Dove Google

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