This fun storage box is both attractive and very useful. I store a supply of greeting cards in mine, but it would also be a marvelous magazine holder. I selected pink, rose, and lime green for my colors; choose any combination that appeals to you.


      1. A large Tide detergent box (or other brand so long as it's heavy duty)
      2. Sticky backed fabric in your choice of color/ pattern. This paper comes in a roll and is available in most craft shops.
      3. Fringe, satin roses, and small silk flowers, artificial birds, and anything else that appeals.
      4. A few yards of pearls and narrow wired ribbon

      DIY Guide:

      The first step is to cut the front of the box to add a bit of interest. I used a plate to trace a semi-circular pattern on the front; and I traced the box itself to cut the bottoms and sides from sticky fabric. After you're happy with the shape of your box front, starting on the outside face of your box, cover the bottom and then the sides. Cut small darts in the sticky paper to fit the front circular pattern, folding the edges of the darts to the inside of the box. Next cover the inside of the box, trimming the top edge neatly. Finally add a rectangular piece to the bottom. You may have some overlaps but after your box is decorated, no one will ever notice.

      When the box is completely covered, the fun begins. Hot glue some pretty fringe all along the top outside edge. I used a lime rayon tassel fringe (and yes, I do sell it). At the very top, where the inside and outside edges of the box meet, glue on a row of pearls. I also added fringe to the inside, but then I've never been accused of understatement. On all four sides. I hot glued bouquets of silk and satin flowers, ribbons, bows, and coordinating birds so that my box would be attractive from any viewpoint. I also added some clumps of satin roses in the corners for additional color. Let your imagination run free and have fun! Regards, Flo

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