These pretty flowers can be made quickly and easily using wired ribbon, a circle of cardboard, and a hot glue gun. Use them on any project that doesn't need to be washable such as a hat, an elegant tote or evening bag, a tieback, a pillow that's just for display, etc. When finished, each flower will measure about 3 to 4 inches across, depending upon the amount of ribbon you have chosen to use.


      • Wired ribbon, 1 to 1.5 yards, 1.5 inch wide
      • Cardboard
      • A hot glue gun

      For each flower you will need 1 to 1.5 yards of 1.5 inch wide wired ribbon. Use 1.5 yards for a 4 inch flower or 1 yard for a smaller bloom. You can use solid color, variegated, or sheer ribbon depending upon the look you wish to achieve. Begin by cutting out a circle of cardboard about the size of a half dollar or a bit smaller. Next, gently pull one end of the wire in the edge of your ribbon to gather the ribbon. If you are using 1.5 yards, you may want to work from both ends of the ribbon to make the gathering easier. Pull and gather gently so as not to break the fine wire in the edge of the ribbon.

      Allow about 5 inches of one end of your ribbon to remain flat. Fold down an inch or so of this end at a 45 degree angle and roll the ribbon tightly to form the center of your flower. Stop rolling when you reach the point where your gathers begin. Using a daub of hot glue, fasten the flower center to the center of the cardboard.


      Allow the hot glue to dry. Then hot glue the gathered edge of the ribbon in a tight circular pattern around the center. Don't stint on the glue. It's important to glue your circular rows closely together. When you are finished gluing, add an extra daub to ensure the wires won't come loose and cut off any excess. I draw the wires to the back of the cardboard and add glue there also.


      When the glue has dried completely, you can shape your flower's petals as desired. Add a few leaves also made from wired ribbon, and you will have a charming bouquet that can be hot glued onto a number of items.


      If you'd like your item to be washable, you will need to use a piece of stiffened fabric or buckram in place of the cardboard and gather the ribbon using a running stitch. Use a stout needle and heavy thread to stitch your gathers to the buckram backing as you go.

      By Florence Dove Google

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