Rose Jars: Transform Ordinary Jars Into Exquisite Containers

      These jars are extremely quick to put together. They make charming gifts, and they are perfect for storing trinkets, jewelry, or bath items. I have a collection of them on a shelf in my bedroom where they hold beads, earrings, and small pins.


      1. Satin roses in your choice of color. Small silk flowers could also be used.
      2. Small jam or jelly jars with lids. Pimento jars also work well. Since the lids will be completely covered with trims, there's no need to paint them.
      3. A hot glue gun
      4. 18 inches of one inch wide wired ribbon in a color that compliments your roses.
      5. Any other trims that appeal to you and that would work such as narrow gathered lace or tulle and pearl trims. Large pearls or stones removed from broken jewelry also look attractive inserted between some of the flowers.

      I used satin ribbon roses that I cut apart. Roses are also available in smaller packages.

      Beginning at the outer edge of the jar lid, glue the roses in a circular pattern, close together, until the entire lid is completely covered. A pair of tweezers will help you to pick up the roses easily and protect your fingers from hot glue. You could also begin by adding a row of narrow gathered lace around the edge of the jar lid and fill the top with roses. In the center, use a contrasting color rose or silk flower or a pretty gold charm. Allow the hot glue to dry.

      Tie a bow of wired ribbon around the glass portion of your jar, add any other trims that strike your fancy, and you're done. Add a gift tag and a small treasure inside, and share with a friend. Be creative and have fun! Regards, Flo

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