Conso Scroll and French Gimp

      Browse Conso Gimp Trims - perfect for pillows, draperies and other home decorating projects! Add that special touch to your project.

      NOTE: Be aware that Conso gimp will usually have one break and sometime 2 breaks somewhere in a 36 yard put-up. We cannot cut around breaks as we subdivide the put-up, so please check your gimp prior to using to ensure you cut appropriately for your project.

      Conso gimp can be used to trim cornices, pillows, window valances, draperies, and other upholstered pieces. Conso gimp trims come in a wide array of colors as well as various styles be it the scroll gimp style, Ecru gimp, French gimp, braided gimp, or traditional gimp style. Various styles come in solid colors while others come in solid or a combination of colors.

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