Conso Fringe

      Our Conso Fringes Are Primarily Best Utilized For Home Decorating

      They can be used in valences, draperies and furniture or glued onto lampshades and tablecloths. These fringes are on the heavier side to suit these purposes.

      Our heavier weight Conso fringes can be used on all types of draperies and curtains and accessorize well with lampshades and various size tablecloths. These fringes come in various color combinations and can add just the right touch to set off a furniture piece or window treatment in any room. Some fringes are thicker such as those found in the beige oyster tan Bullion Fringe, Conso princess bullion fringe and the Conso veranda mingled bullion fringe while others are thinner as found in the cut fringe gold and beige Conso and the Conso cut fringe carrington collection. Other fringe styles include tassels such as those found in the Conso carrington tassel fringe trim in almond, and the Conso tassel fringe in brick beige gold. Additionally, there is the Conso hand tied tassel fringe and the Conso carrington tassel fringe. We also carry the black Conso cotton brush fringe, Conso black/beige/taupe brush fringe, Conso beaver brush fringe and french blue Conso brush fringe to choose from. We also carry fringes with beaded balls in beige, ruby red, and sage green. We offer many colors and styles.


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