Conso Flat Trims

      Conso Flat Trims are perfect for home decorating projects such as pillows, draperies & more

      We offer a substantial line of flat trims by Conso including braids and gimp styles. Braids include our leaf woven braid in olive and beige, cappuccino braid in brown, beige, and white, wildflower flat braid in pink and green oyster, brown and blue braid, sage brush green flat braid, wildberry wide braid, foxnut black, brown, and beige, and double cut fringe braid pink and green, and double cut flat braid gold orange. Gimp styles include mocha brown scroll gimp, doric khaki scroll gimp, hazelnut scroll gimp, and taupe scroll gimp.  All these fashionable colors easily work for a variety of home accessories.

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