Colors Trends:

      Often a customer will purchase a particular trim and subsequently need additional yardage, only to discover that the color is no longer available. As odd as it may seem, trim manufactures often follow fashion trends in determining which colors are hot and which are not for the coming season. Colors and styles are added and discontinued just like the clothing industry.

      Some colors, of course, never go out of style, among them the neutrals such as beige, oyster white, gray, soft blue, and shades of green that work with nature fabrics and themes. A relaxed decorating look is always welcome after a hectic day of work, and the neutrals are calming and comfortable.

      Blue seem to have infinite variety. Add a bit of green, and you get a delightful peacock or teal shade. Lighten deep shades of blue with white for a nautical or seaside theme; add red for a crisp country look. Expect to see pairings of navy, aqua, and teal blue with brown.

      Black is always dramatic in contemporary settings, especially when paired with gray and white. But black also provides a restful stopping point for the eye in Victorian and country decors which can overwhelm the senses with patterns and colors. Black can be paired with any other color to move a design from modern to traditional, to chic, to casual. Red and white of course are classic with black.

      Green, especially muted shades such as branch, sage, and hunter, are always popular when paired with floral elements. But look for greens to take on more citrus yellow hues and move into shades of kiwi, lime, apple, and chartreuse.

      Red based purple in attractive deep berry shades will become more prominent. Hues of purple in both the red and blue ranges have always been popular with Victorian décor, but expect these shades to move into more traditional and contemporary settings.

      Red is perennially popular, but I anticipate it to move even further into the orange range over the next year or so. Vivid shades of orange will emerge as highlight colors, paired with green, blue, and especially deep brown.

      Pink is always popular in certain situations, but I expect the use of it to decline somewhat over the coming season.

      Designs Directions:

      • Paisley, plaids, stripes, dots, and daisies will continue in popularity for the next year or two.
      • Stripes will take on a more contemporary look and move, squiggle, and wave as opposed to remaining parallel.
      • Fabrics and colors will echo the bright prints of the 40s and 50s, with bright poppies, fruit designs, vivid bark cloth type florals, and far eastern design motiffs.

      Regards, Flo

      By Florence Dove Google

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