The Perfect DIY Ornament


      This very easy to make project adds a delightful touch of county to your home decorating. Choose buttons that match the color scheme of your home. Hang in your sewing room, family room, or bedroom for instant decorating.

      To make this easy project you will need:

      • A 6 to 8 inch wide Styrofoam heart. Be sure to use a solid Styrofoam heart as opposed to one made from the open foam used for floral arrangements. You can see the type that I used in the photo below that displays the back of the heart.
      • A hot glue gun. If a young person will be making this heart, use a low heat glue gun.
      • 3-4 yards of narrow .25 inch wide ribbon.
      • Buttons. I selected mother of pearl buttons in a variety of shades but you might choose red (perfect for Christmas), blue, green, or pastels for a child’s room.

      Leaving a tail about 24-28 inches long and beginning at the top of the heart, wrap the narrow ribbon around the heart in a diagonal pattern. Refer to the photo below showing the back of the heart to see how the ribbon is applied. You can hold the ribbon in place with a few dabs of hot glue.


      Knot the ribbon at the top of the heart. DO NOT cut the ribbon tails off.

      Using the hot glue gun, add buttons, overlapping to ensure that the front and sides of the heart are completely covered. Refer to the detail photo below. If your heart will be observed from both sides, cover the back also.


      Once your heart is covered with buttons, string a button through the ribbon tails at the top of the heart, knot about 6 inches above the top of the heart, tie a bow, and cut off any excess ribbon. Enjoy!

      By Florence Dove Google

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