DIY Projects to Ease Into Crafting for the New Year

DIY Projects to Ease Into Crafting for the New Year

3rd Jan 2020

With New Year's comes many resolutions. If you have resolved to do more crafting, then you need to work with quality products that will bring your handmade items to life and inspire you to continue crafting. There's no better way to express yourself and showcase your talents than to create something a unique craft. People often enjoy receiving handmade gifts over anything that comes from a store. If you're interested in showing others how much you care by giving them a special creation or you just want to complete DIY projects for your own personal satisfaction, crafting is a great way to express yourself and fill your time with a meaningful activity. No matter what project you want to work on, you can find what you need at Dove Originals Trims. If you are not an experienced crafter, don’t worry, here are some crafts to help ease into crafting and build your confidence.


If you want an easy crafting project that will be beautiful, then you should consider making headbands. Headbands are popular accessories that are great for keeping thick and long hair pulled back. You'll often see athletes wear them to ensure their hair doesn't get in the way, but there is more to a headband than just functionality. Headbands are a cute and easy accessory to add to any outfit. Use stretchy trim on one side so your handmade headbands will fit all. Sequin and Beaded trims are a unique way to add a little bit of flare to any outfit without going overboard. Even try out one of our ribbon patterns to add a more subtle look to the headband. You can also add things such as appliques or embellishments to dress them up even more. The only other materials you need are a needle and thread or fabric glue. Once your ribbon or trim has been chosen, measure out the length you need to wrap around your head (leaving a little bit of extra space to ensure there is enough room or glue or sew together). Once your two pieces are connected, your headband is ready to wear!

Keychains 2 Ways

A DIY craft that is simple and also makes a great gift is a keychain. You can use any kind of fabric to make the keychain. Your friends and family will enjoy receiving your keychains as gifts to keep keys organized. It's easy to lose your keys, but with your handmade crafts, keeping track of keys will be a lot easier. Use trim or ribbons that reflect the personality of the person fun and vibrant colors to tones that are more reserved. The possibilities are endless!

Tassels Keychains

Add some pizzazz to a set of keys with a tassel to bring out your personality. You can choose from a variety of materials depending on your personal style.Tassels add a touch of elegance to a boring keychain. There are really no rules when it comes to keychains. You can use any materials you want. We suggest using multiple ribbons to make it very personal. Or use Faux Leather to give it more professional touch. Once your material is chosen, you have a few options: knot an extra piece of material around the bunch, or use glue or a needle and thread to secure the piece extra pierce around the bundle.

Wrist Strap or Lanyard Keychain

Similar to a tassel keychain, a wrist strap or lanyard will enhance the look of your standard keychain, but these also have more functionality to them. They give you the ability to wear them around your neck or wrist to ensure you won’t lose them. You can choose any materials you want to but we suggest using your favorite ribbon or for a more elegant touch, use Faux Leather trims. Depending on the material chosen, to bind it together around the keychain you can use fabric glue, sew it together, or for a denser material (such as faux leather) we suggest using a metal eyelet fastener.

Wall Hanging or Chandelier

Your New Year's resolution might be to dress up your house with some beautiful home decor. There's nothing better to dress up a room than to add a DIY wall hanging. Use beautiful ribbon, trim, or yarn to create unique crafts to hang on your wall. Add character and charm to every room in your home. You can also use ribbon to make a stylish chandelier that will look beautiful in the dining room or foyer. It is as simple as determining what material you want to use and knotting it around a wooden dowel.

Snap Cord Holder/Organizer

Since we live in a world where technology is always present, there are bound to be cords all around. Many people love to listen to music but those pesky headphones always seem to end up in a knot. Keep your headphone cord neat and orderly with a snap holder. Use your favorite ribbon pattern or go for a more sleek look with a faux leather band. The only other material needed is a snap fastener to hold it together. Now, never worry about tangled and knotted corder again while keeping them in a fashionable holder.

No matter what your DIY project is, you can rely on Dove Originals Trim to have everything you need to make your craft stand out. You'll be inspired to finish every project you start when you are working with quality craft products that are truly unique and highlight your personal style. Not only will you be able to enjoy the creations you make, but you can get a head start on gift-giving by making crafts that everyone can enjoy. Make crafts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or just everyday occasions. Not only will you get to showcase your talents, but you'll be able to give a gift from the heart with your handmade items. If you're ready to get the new year started off right, then look no further than Dove Originals Trims. We have something for everyone, every occasion and every style. Contact us today for all your crafting needs