Orange Zest for Men

man in orange suitSuggestions to Men for Wearing Orange

When the great 20 th century Swedish artist Anders Zorn painted his self-portrait Man In  A Red Suit, little did he know how prescient it would be. The fashion mavens have now declared that the new color for menswear is orange. Taking inspiration from prison garb and vintage looks, orange is now showing up on fashion runways. Although designers admit that few men can wear the color, they are apparently ecstatic over the wow factor. It is highly likely that they are the only ones who feel this way.

Designers such as Lou Dalton, JW Anderson, Casely-Hayford are putting their male models in an especially bright version of the color, calling to mind the orange that hunters often use in the field for safety. Who knew? In a masterful understatement, designer Lou Dalton noted, “The color lends itself to more sports or outerwear-orientated pieces.”

Recommendations are that if you are inclined toward orange to pair it with other bold colors such as blue or black. Avoid light neutrals.