NEW Blanket Binding Colors from Wrights!

Wrights has introduced 5 new colors of blanket binding

Including 4 Bright Binding Colors and one Camo

Each is 4-3/4 yards and they are charming. There's four new brights and camo for nature lovers and those who enjoy outdoor sports such as fishing and hunting. 

My favorite is multi colored polka dots blanket binding which would be perfect on baby blankets and throws or fleece blankets intended for children. Of course light hearted adults will also likely be delighted with this one.

Another bright colored offering is the multi chevron design blanket binding, which is composed of yellow, blue, purple, red, bright pink green, and white. This, too, would be a great choice for blankets and throws intended for kids.

For nature lovers there's camo with a marvelous leaf design superimposed over the usual camo colors of tan, green, and brown.  Camo blanket binding is indeed perfect for for any blankets or throws with a nature or outdoor theme.

And finally there's two additional chevron designs, white with bright pink blanket binding and white with blue blanket binding (see below). The chevron design adds motion to the binding and the bright colored chevrons are nicely set off by white.


white and blue chevron blanket binding

This blanket binding retails for $8.79 per package; our price is $6.29 per package. All are currently in stock and available for purchase. Why not stop by and check out these new designs?


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