Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Dove Originals Trims

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Dove Originals Trims

We wish you and your family the very best of Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

In the spirit of the season, I'd like to share with you some holiday decorating ideas from the Storrowton Village 

Museum in  Massachusetts. Storrowton Village is a collection of about a dozen 18th century buildings including private dwellings, a meeting place, a school, a church, barns, shops etc. Each year in early December the village is open for free public tours. The homes are decorated by local florists and garden clubs with period materials such as greenery, berries, feathers, fruits, paper, etc. that would have been available to the original inhabitants. The results are simply lovely and inspiring.

This lovely mantel decoration (photo right) is made from evergreen boughs, turkey feathers, and dried lamb's ear formed into a rosette. It is charming in its elegant simplicity.


In this same house is a period lantern also decorated with turkey feathers, red berries, greenery, and around of birch topped with a red bow (photo left). Note the period wallpaper in the background.

Doors are complimented with free form wreaths or hanging bundles of decorated greenery. Pinecones, evergreens, dried hydrangea blossoms, bundles of twigs, and berries- materials easily found-  are combined in creative ways. See photos below.

  festive wreath hanging on door

Table settings were elegant and of course the best silver and china were used. Again, the decorations are natural reflecting both taste and frugality. See below. Oranges stuck with cloves, bay leaves, and greenery add elegance, charm, and scent.


Fireplaces were also decorated for the season, both the mantel as well as the interior. In the photo below a black iron tea kettle holds an arrangement of greens and red berries making a nice contrast with the period brass andirons.

                               floral arrangement in fireplace

Windows and table tops often exhibited artistic arrangements of fruit, berries, and leaves. Note the pineapple in the center, the traditional representation of welcome. Windows and window sills were also decorated with dried fruits and flowers in addition to evergreen boughs.

  fruit tray with pineapple

The small schoolhouse where a number of different grades would have been taught is also decorated but with items more appropriate to that environment, such as paper cones holding candy canes, a slate, gloves, school books, music, pinecones, small fruits, etc.



Finally, one of my favorite stops is at the tinsmith's shop. In the photos below you will find examples of the ordinary household items that every kitchen would have plus examples of gorgeous punched tin used in pie safes, cabinet panels, etc. I hope this brief tour will give you some inexpensive and creative ideas for decorating your homes. I wish you a VERY Merry Christmas!



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