Jumpsuits Are IN This Year

Jumpsuits Are In

Jumpsuits are, apparently, in this year, and large retailers such as Neiman Marcus are offering dozens

of designs and styles

Not so long ago most women regarded the lowly jumpsuit as worthy only of babies, Ringling Brothers, and machine mechanics. But now the all-in-ones, as the jumpsuit is often called, have come into their own. The 1970s have returned with a modern iteration of the jumpsuit featuring a sporty, comfortable look and fabrics such as crepe, satin, jersey, and denim. Featured are halter tops, strapless evening looks, tailored styles for business, and of course a breezy comfortable all-in-one for a casual weekend.

 One virtue of the jumpsuit is that there's no coordination required for the busy woman, no need to pare up a top with a skirt or slacks as the jumpsuit is complete in itself. And comfort is key. Todays jumpsuits usually have an elastic or cinch-able waist allowing for movement and flexibility. (Of course there's bathroom logistics to consider but these can usually be solved by the determined woman.) And the blouson effect of the top and looser fit in the legs can give the appearance of a higher waist and longer legs to the average figure, especially when worn with high heels.

retro jumpsuit and red purse

It is recommended that the jumpsuit novice begin with a solid color and pick a style that clearly delineates between the top and bottom portions. Select shapes that are similar to to the separates you would normally wear such as wide leg pants, camisoles, and halter tops.If you're not quite up to being comfortable with the look, add a sweater or jacket and venture forth. You may be surprised by how comfortable this new look really is.

And be sure to compliment your "new" look as appropriate with jewelry, shoes, and accessories.